Bride and groom wedding portrait photography with a detachable long panel train made of family tartan.jpg


— For alternative bride with non-traditional wedding, wedding dress designer Lana Gerimovich created a detachable panel train made of family’s Scottish tartan.

Bride Shilo came from a very traditional Scottish family who values their Scottish heritage. Months before wedding, she contacted her that she would like to have her train of traditional white wedding dress redesigned, and have their family’s Scottish tartan fabric inserted. In order to preserve the original shape of the dress, its own fabrics, and style, bespoke wedding gown designer Lana Gerimovich carefully worked on the garment with the couture sewing techniques that she has been using for more than 20 years. This beautiful family’s traditional Scottish tartan became a panel train for this alternative bride. Instead of completely sewing the fabric, this panel tartan train is detachable, so that the bride can have a different look at her reception. After the ceremony, bride took out this detachable train to have a first dance with the groom in a traditional white wedding dress.